Tell me what does it mean to be kind

Like a kind of chip is a variety

Kindness of the heart is a rarity

to be cherished by all

But worshipped by none


We should all know love

Love begets kindness

Even the most hurt and angry of us

Know Love

We all come from Love


No one can forget where they came from

Not so totally blind themselves

That they would forget the power

of the Light of Love

From whence they came


Illusion begins to run thin but

The ones who suffer the most will

See it first

See the love

Right on the other side of the glass


They will stand by the window to Heaven

And tell others

What they see

They see eternity and



Passers by will not believe

These sojourners of ours

The truth tellers

The drama seekers

The ones that speak


They will be yelled at and ignored and

Wholly unloved but it will not matter

Because they have seen the light of day

They do not need the illusion

They wait for all of us


How do we get to them

Simply to take our transportation

and live with them

Those who have opened the window and

Walked through


Our vehicle is kindness

I am sorry but there is no other way

Kindness is the physical manifestation of love

and the only measurement of how

Fulfilled one is


To be kind is nothing to be faked

but some have to practice to come


To pretend to be kind is such a thing

a Temporary lesson


Kindess and love are eternal

but all lessons are temporary

They do not count as a lesson until

we have learned them

Therefore nothing is lost until we do


Ophelia C. Daniels

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