Columbus Day

He came he conquered

And he never left

The land he took

Through pain and theft


The people killed

The women raped

and now we celebrate

The death of love


The start of a new society

Filled with Blood

Perhaps five percent Good

A little anger goes a long way

But I left mine in yesterday

Sadness and desolation

Are the remains of the day


But still our kids are on Vacay

As if the world needed more

War and overturning of the “poor”


The peaceful people

Even when shot

Desirous of what love is not


The others pillaging as if it were LA

Giddy with the thought of riches

In that they can conquer others


But is it conquering when the others


You are the ones that stayed here

God knows why


The others you didn’t even bother to bribe

Are not sad they aren’t alive

Life can be a veil of tears

If you don’t give God your fears


Today is not a day of joy

it is a day to remember who was here

Even if they were eradicated


Like so much genocide

All over the Earth

Before and after Jesus Birth


The last crusade will be my death

God gave me every breath

He gave the souls to those that died

Conjuring up a steady glance


To explorers everywhere

Look for love

Not success

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