Before You Met Me

I sit here listening

To the sound of your voice

I will never worry

I have no choice

Part of me can’t believe its true

But all the rest of me knows

Its always been you


You waiting while I slid through my tunnel

Of struggle and darkness mottled with light

Me praying while I was never sure

That you would be there when I stood upright

I hoped for safety

I wanted to die

I hoped for freedom

I wanted to fly



You charged for mercy

Through all of your pain

You begged for freedom

And that’s when i came

We looked at each other and turned within

Would I be safe if I gave up my plans

To be united

With this one true man


Would you be free if tied to me

Would you be stilled by my soul that is free

I think you knew but weren’t sure

But you decided to walk through the door

And now we are here where we wished to be

My love eternal because I am safe and free

And you forget where you were going

Before you met me



Before you met me I was cautious but sure

Of the mystical world that I had been searching for

Before you met me you were scared and alone

Trapped in a life that was not your own

We waited for something that would allow us to breathe

Something to give our hearts relief

We were set free

But that’s not how it was before you met me


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