The Heavens Unite Through Science

Science said it can’t be true

We are here and cannot hear you

Scream about your  near death experience

Of your ill health showing you the path

From God

You are all invisible


We make the money we get the praise

Even if we suffer our own malady

Of lying under oath

Seeing the truth and hiding it

To keep our money or our fame or both


The Good News is if you search for the truth

If you deny the societal lies that helped you fit in

If you carve your own path by trusting in love

It will disappear all of the facade will fall like a second skin

You will be free like I and all who find the truth


There are some scientists that decided to speak the truth

Because they saw God in their own near death experience

Or discovered true accounts of history through archaeology

They are heroes to have refuted their own theories

They teach us much in their deference to love rather than Ego

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