The Oath Of Love

We come into the world where there is an oath of madness

Of fear, and grief, and pain

We are innocent children of the world

But our souls know all


Disconnection from our Teacher and


Causes despair and loneliness

But why can’t we just go back home?


We can but must renounce the lies,

open our minds

We must agree to love

Then comes forgiveness


Forgive yourself for you didn’t know better

Just because bodies grow does not

Make the child wiser

You are that child


Forgive that child

for not knowing

for believing in illusions

Realize you forgot the true oath


Separate your “life” from

what is happening around you

do not fix anything

Only trust ends despair, only trust of the one


True love that encompasses everyone

You forgot that you were

Given an oath of Love

Always there waiting for you to remember


Choose love for all and you will have it for yourself


Ophelia C. Daniels



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