How Many Times?

Bob Dylan asked this question and I wonder too

How many times must hate outweigh what is true

Truth might be hard to handle when you follow the status quo

But is also what frees us when we hurt the most

Some of us don’t even know what is true anymore

Since our guilt, our shame, and our blame prevent our eyes from seeing it

All of those things are temporary, anyone can find the truth

Truth is Good, and Love and what we are all in search of

Put down your armor and forgive yourself

And truth will set you free



As Love would have it there would be no fear.

All of our worries would dissapear.

In what kind of world is worry known?

Only to the sensitive but stubborn does worry seem a concern.

When it changes nothing, wages war on one’s health

Trust in love trust in Good can sometimes be misunderstood

Even by the most faithful and tried subjects

Love he would never hurt anything

To learn this is the end of worry

To know this is death of the fear

Time to play and be together

Worry has been put away

The Heavens Unite Through Science

Science said it can’t be true

We are here and cannot hear you

Scream about your  near death experience

Of your ill health showing you the path

From God

You are all invisible


We make the money we get the praise

Even if we suffer our own malady

Of lying under oath

Seeing the truth and hiding it

To keep our money or our fame or both


The Good News is if you search for the truth

If you deny the societal lies that helped you fit in

If you carve your own path by trusting in love

It will disappear all of the facade will fall like a second skin

You will be free like I and all who find the truth


There are some scientists that decided to speak the truth

Because they saw God in their own near death experience

Or discovered true accounts of history through archaeology

They are heroes to have refuted their own theories

They teach us much in their deference to love rather than Ego



Tonight is the night

The heavens envelop

The few that trusted

The servants themselves


To which he said

My love is Peace

My love is Grand

Bring the word back to your lands


The people suffered

They Suckled the dark

The turmoil in their hearts

The means by which they smart


The whip came down

And no one was there

To bear the pain

To be aware


Some souls came to

And broke through the mask

Of the dark lord

The fake pariah


The one they use as their excuse

They preach of the devil

Come to Get YOU

By means of your ego in tact


The lovers

Keep loving with all their might

Left in the cemetery

I escaped tonight

Before You Met Me

I sit here listening

To the sound of your voice

I will never worry

I have no choice

Part of me can’t believe its true

But all the rest of me knows

Its always been you


You waiting while I slid through my tunnel

Of struggle and darkness mottled with light

Me praying while I was never sure

That you would be there when I stood upright

I hoped for safety

I wanted to die

I hoped for freedom

I wanted to fly



You charged for mercy

Through all of your pain

You begged for freedom

And that’s when i came

We looked at each other and turned within

Would I be safe if I gave up my plans

To be united

With this one true man


Would you be free if tied to me

Would you be stilled by my soul that is free

I think you knew but weren’t sure

But you decided to walk through the door

And now we are here where we wished to be

My love eternal because I am safe and free

And you forget where you were going

Before you met me



Before you met me I was cautious but sure

Of the mystical world that I had been searching for

Before you met me you were scared and alone

Trapped in a life that was not your own

We waited for something that would allow us to breathe

Something to give our hearts relief

We were set free

But that’s not how it was before you met me



How long was America great?

Most would say it ceased to be great during Korea, but when did it start being great?

Was it when European Americans would cooperate and share with their native neighbors?

Was it when Americans invited the citizens of poor African nations to cross the sea and perform meaningful labor at a fair wage?

Or perhaps it was the America that ushered in the industrial revolution which allowed all of its citizens to perform meaningful labor at a fair wage?

Or was when America put on its superman cape and defeated the villains of the world, was unanimously appointed guardian of the world?

Can America be made great again?

Can we survive with any more greatness?

Can we just forget greatness and pursue kindness?




Mathematically Speaking

I was always good at math.  What is math anyway really?  A school subject using numbers or the framework of the universe?  Mathematics is a tool to create just like every other program.  Without emotion or hesitation, we can use math to find out where we might go next if we try this or that.  Or we might be a bit more exact.


How is Art different than math?  Just another tool?  Let’s speak of visual arts, perhaps sculpture.  And hmm, addition.  I will compare mathematics and arts using the categories of addition and sculpture.


On the face of it, math and art are opposites.  They evoke opposite images and emotions.  The words themselves are linked with gender, history, creation and observation.  Math is a tool as we discussed,  but what of sculpture?  I can use addition to find practical answers to psychic problems.  If I have two ideas, or two friends over, and will have two more ideas, or two more friends are coming over,  I know I will soon have four friends or ideas.


Most will admit I can be sure of this answer.  That four ideas or friends or whatever coming from the additions of two and two of anything is correct, not only probable but definite.


The sculptor then tries to use his surmised tool to find similar answers.  He forms a goddess in his clay.  The woman of his dreams, with soft lips and high cheekbones.  He knows this product of his hands, this woman.  She is his future wife.  He started with nothing but some clay and wound up staring at his wife, a visual of her anyway.


This particular artist did not plan to create his wife that day.  He just went on his daily business of creation, and then he saw her.  Just like math predicted our four friends,  art predicted the face of this sculptor’s future wife.


Is art a tool then?  Yes and no.  It was the method to find the wife’s face, but that wife would be different for each seeker.  Four is four is four.  So is math an exact science or tool, and art a roundabout type of blurry predictor of future faces, or buildings?


First of all, when we add two and two, math has lost its exactness.  Two of what exactly?  Two voices or glasses of water, plus two songs gives us a different product than adding two couples of humans together.  Math at its core, is only exact because it starts with the very essence of anything.  Without describing what you are adding or multiplying, your process is sizeless, without any exact magnitude.


Art is actually similar.  Unless they believe they are psychic, people usually create art without future in mind.  They either enjoy the woodworking or painting, or in our case, sculpture.  They would like to build something that causes joy in the creation and evokes emotion in the product.


Artists are really just putting two and two together like mathematicians.  Our sculptor used his talents, which are God given.  So he used God, and Himself, as two creators to create the vision of his future, a wife made of God and of herself, of him.  He saw his wife’s face because he loves to create and he tapped into the source of all, God.  Whether the woman he marries has a slightly different neckline or a mole on her face, the face of his sculpted woman is the inexact vision of his future.


We can make math inexact similarly..  I would like to add two humans together.   The product will be a baby.  Whatever God decides ( or is it science deciding) to give that baby from her parents, she will have.  She is one from two, humanity from God, love from singularity.  The four friends coming in the future and the lovely face of the artists wife are proof of the exactness of a giant screaming big banging group of human entities being the perfect product of the existence of God and the love he has for us.