What in the World

What in the world are we doing here when will our functions become clear are we here?   Are we enveloped in love that we refuse to feel We can only feel the love we give and that is Real   Reality at its core is nothing to fear We only fear our nightmares Because … Continue reading What in the World

The Oath Of Love

We come into the world where there is an oath of madness Of fear, and grief, and pain We are innocent children of the world But our souls know all   Disconnection from our Teacher and Father Causes despair and loneliness But why can't we just go back home?   We can but must renounce … Continue reading The Oath Of Love


As Love would have it there would be no fear. All of our worries would disappear. In what kind of world is worry known? Only to the sensitive but stubborn does worry seem a concern. When it changes nothing, wages war on one's health Trust in love trust in Good can sometimes be misunderstood Even … Continue reading Love