Columbus Day

He came he conquered And he never left The land he took Through pain and theft   The people killed The women raped and now we celebrate The death of love   The start of a new society Filled with Blood Perhaps five percent Good A little anger goes a long way But I left … Continue reading Columbus Day


How long was America great? Most would say it ceased to be great during Korea, but when did it start being great? Was it when European Americans would cooperate and share with their native neighbors? Was it when Americans invited the citizens of poor African nations to cross the sea and perform meaningful labor at … Continue reading MAGA


Tell me what does it mean to be kind Like a kind of chip is a variety Kindness of the heart is a rarity to be cherished by all But worshipped by none   We should all know love Love begets kindness Even the most hurt and angry of us Know Love We all come … Continue reading Kind