He literally thought he would kill me Today Leave me in bed and hate me until i wasted Away for doing what I was supposed to do For feeling like I should have For being Brave For being willing to Rave when the World tried to shut me up to Stay Focused on good when … Continue reading Literal

The guitar

The Guitar was always yours it was never mine Whoever strummed it ruled the roost but no one thought they Knew   The first was always the biggest Bomb The balm of Rock Stars throughout the ages the Bomb of St Francis at any stage   The new order you are first Forget when you … Continue reading The guitar


Now deep in the heart of a lonely Girl Who gave so much for this world   Suffered fools and Quakes Awake While the world watched asleep   Unaware of her pain Nightly As she went against the pain   Fleeing slightly in the Day For a break of leisure   Never ending until Now … Continue reading Heart